"Zack is a consummate professional with a work ethic that is second to none. He has the tools to get the job done and he knows how to use them. I love his attitude and his approach to music creation. I highly recommend him!"

— Eddie Grey on Production, recording, and mixing

"We spent a couple months trying to mix and master our song "Ride The Rift" and I was finally fed up! I passed the song to Zack and he mixed and mastered it perfectly in only 10 hours! Great experience, super stoked on the final product! Highly recommend him to anyone that's looking to get their tracks to the next level."

— Andrew Soto on Mixing "Ride the Rift"

"Sounds incredible... My hat goes off to you on that one. Seriously amazing mix"

— Kris from Kevin Never Talks on Mixing

"I'm ridiculously happy with what we did. You helped me sing so much better! You've got serious talent...[He] gets to the point, bringing out the best. Awesome work we did together especially on vocals for Strands of Light"

— Lucy Morningstar of Lucy Morningstar Band on recording and vocal production

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Experienced engineering using state-of-the-art hardware and industry-leading software.


Add sonic space, depth, clarity, and feel to your recorded tracks.

artist Development

Earn more money from your music using resources provided by Beyond The Studio Productions.

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Acoustic Songwriter

Rock Bands

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About the Owner

For the last 20 years, Zack Dusedau has been recording, mixing, and developing talent. His expertise and care for the artist helps them to grow professionally.

While Zack's regular clientele is in the rock and acoustic singer-songwriter genres, he can take on any project and deliver multilayered outcomes for his artists through mindfulness and communication. 


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